Reign of Winter

Session Four: The fall of the Black Rider and Our New Life Missions

Journal Entry of Eirwyn Le Snaedis

Things seem to be going rather well with my new group of friends, despite all their quirks.

Tomor is a simple and kind barbarian from Irrisen, though subject to fits of destructive rage. He is from my homeland, Irrisen, and was subject to the fighting pits in Taldor for some time. He seems to be an honorable warrior and switches from a giant great sword, to claws he grows when screaming and frothing at the mouth. He truly hates slavery and entrapment, and I believe he has a kind heart under all the pounds of muscle he sports.

Draknai is an elf and somewhat a loner. I mostly know nothing about him. He tends to stay away from the rest of the party and guards his words carefully. He blends magic and bow work into a seamless art though and seems to be competent at both. I do not know much else about him, but he seems to be constantly brooding.

Next is the Half-Orc Utrosk with his faithful mammoth companion Ogromma. Utrosk is from a land near Irrisen, The Realm of the Mammoth Lords. I hear it is ruled by whoever is strongest, riding around on big critters, and that leadership is fleeting at best as there is always someone else in the running. Utrosk can summon fire to his hands and wields a spear with efficiency. And Ogromma is a big sweetie, and I just find him adorable. Utrosk knows his way around the wilderness and has been successfully navigating us through this difficult terrain. His ability to wield powerful magic and stab things to death has proven very reliable.

Lastly is a washed up Dwarven playwright, Borel Son of Halvor. I actually remember seeing Ragnar’s Rise while I was in Oppara last. The man I was escorting and his noble allies made many boasts about how awful it was. Despite that it pulled in the crowds. Anyway, the play house was attacked by zombies and apparently that actually detracted from the play’s success. Borel is here drowning his sorrows while he looks for “inspiration”. My guess is he needed to get out of the accusing city.

Borel Carries around a black axe he calls Shiverspleen. It appears to have some kind of strong magic, but it seems fleeting and escaping and ever shifting. Borel can harness lightning through his axe to great effect. He also like to throw around fire, not seeming to care if it burns Tomor in the process. Borel is kind of a smart ass and derogatory, though I don’t think he means any harm.

Anyway, that is it for tonight. I must be getting to bed as we have a big day tomorrow and will be facing off against a troll soon.

The Next Entry

Wow, what a night and day this was! Last night, while sleeping, we were ambushed by an Ice Mephit and an Air Elemental. They attacked with much gusto. My party sprung into action around while I laid there laughing hysterically and throwing curses on the poor wretches. They had much difficulty actually landing any hits with the curses I placed upon them and my allies made pretty quick work of them, though new wounds appeared, some of them caused by Borel carelessly throwing fire around. Tomor and Borel were both unarmored as they fought, but were brave none the less. As is custom the outsiders perished as my allies finished them off.

The next day we came across a truly atrocious site, that of a soul bound post. It was there, on 4 tree trunks, in the middle of the wilderness. Nearly immediately the poor child’s soul started assaulting us with warnings of doom and gloom. It terrified poor Tomor so much that he ran off. Draknai was able to use some magic to see inside the hut, and confirm there was a doll sitting on a chair in there. I had heard of these dolls, but never actually seen one and the tales are terrifying. I told them I think we should avoid it but that the dolls were worth money. We decided to confront it. I suggested Borel bring it down to me, but the doll assaulted us with magic from above. Draknai seemed overcome by emotions and sat down in the snow, telling us not to attack his friend. The party climbed up the tree and quickly cut the doll down. Realizing the soul was trapped in the sapphire gem I had Tomor crush it. We heard the voice of the little orphan girl which said “Thank you for freeing me,” and then was gone. I believe we all felt better after freeing the poor little soul, and we’ve decided to rest in the soul dolls post for the evening.

The Next Entry

Wow, today was the day. We finally came face to face with the troll, Teb Knobben. We were assaulted by an awful snowstorm, the snow was up to my bosom and nearly impossible to push through. We couldn’t see anything, and suddenly I was being assaulted by a terrible loud ringing noise. I shook it off, but couldn’t see anything. The entire party started getting assaulted from an unseen enemy. I suggested we hide in one of the igloos nearby, though this may have been a mistake in retrospect.

We made our way in and barricaded the door and top window. Little knives started cutting through the window up top so I pulled it away where we could hit them with fire and blade. Colors came through over washing us, and Borel and Ogromma seemed overcome by the assault. We seemed to be trapped, and I could hear the giant coming towards us out front. I commanded my allies to cut down the fairy who still had colors left to throw, and Utrosk and Tomor dropped the fairy before it too could unleash the blast of colors. Utrosk made a whole through the side wall and pushed out into the cold.

Teb Knobben broke through the front door barricade as Ogromma came too and he made his way into the trolls face. I through on curse after curse, weakening his defenses and his ability to hold on. Eventually my allies fell him, but I warned them not to relent as he was still alive. Utrosk took care of the situation deftly burning the corpse. Then we fell back on the fairies.

After much work the remaining fairy flew off into the cold. Only minutes later a black rider came through the gate to the north. On it was a wounded black rider, with an ice shard that was surely his doom. I could tell no magic could cure this man. He fell injured in front of us, as if by fate. He called us to him and told us his story.

He was the Black Rider of Baba Yaga. Baba Yaga was supposed to make her 100 year return to proclaim a new queen of Irrisen. The evil Queen Elvanna is somehow holding her back, and killing off everyone who can possibly herald in her return. He told us that Baba Yaga’s hut was trapped in the capitol of Irrisen, Whitethrone, and that we would need to release it to find Baba Yaga. He asked us if we would follow this mantle. We all agreed and the Black Rider pulled out a few artifacts, and granted them, and us, his power. With it done, we each realized we were bound to fulfill this task, but his energy left us stronger and more wise. We gathered up our belongings, and with a new and strengthened resolve we stepped through the winter portal…..



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